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Training Tomorrow's Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Today

At International Aerotech Academy, we train tomorrow’s aircraft maintenance technicians. The demand for skilled Aircraft Maintenance Technicians is outstripping the number of AMT’s entering the field. There is a critical demand for skilled craftsmen to ensure the safety and quality of our aviation industry. Here at our International Aerotech Academy campus in Lakeland, Fl.   We are proud to pass our knowledge and skills to you and ensure that you become a fully qualified and certified Aircraft Maintenance Technician.

Amazon Career Choice has selected our FAA 147 A&P training academy for Amazon hourly employees to pursue becoming licensed aircraft maintenance professionals. 

What We Offer:

  • Federal Aviation Administration Approved Curriculum for Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training

  • Airbus A320 General Familiarization Course included with our AMT training. 

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